SpaceCraft makes it easier for organisations to create space-flight equipment and conduct space experiments, and enables students and companies to develop practical engineering skills.

Providing facilities

Our technical facilities are available for smaller companies to collaborate and make space-related prototypes.

Dedicated space engineers

We have dedicated space engineers to help regional companies, institutions and colleges with early design, development and prototyping of innovative new space projects.

Hands-on training

Developing new, hands-on training courses in practical space engineering skills, techniques and processes - helping to tackle the regional and national shortage of skilled space technicians and engineers.

Our space engineers

Person working with satellite equipment

SpaceCraft has two dedicated space engineers to provide resource to kick-start work with regional companies, institutions and colleges. Groups looking to create innovative new space projects can work with our space engineers who will provide support with early design, development and prototyping.

Our space engineers will act as a conduit to better connect companies venturing into the space sector with existing specialised assembly and test facilities, not just at Surrey but at other companies in the Space South Central region such as Airbus, SSTL and In-Space Missions.

Meet the team

Training courses

Student working on space satellite technology

SpaceCraft is developing new training courses in practical space engineering skills, techniques and processes. These courses will spread knowledge about how to build and test space equipment and instruments.

The University of Surrey has several decades of experience in providing space-related training and running practical hands-on projects with students. This approach will now be extended to local further education colleges so they can add practical space skills to their student training.

If you would like to know more about courses we will be running, then please contact the SpaceCraft team

Space equipment

Our facilities

We provide technical facilities so smaller companies can collaborate and make space-related prototypes.