Our facilities

SpaceCraft is based at the Surrey Space Centre and provides access to its high quality space engineering facilities, which were upgraded to support this initiative, to enterprises which would otherwise find it difficult to access specialist support to enable space-related prototyping and manufacturing.

Available facilities

  • Workshops and technical spaces – including a large ISO Class 6 clean room – where participants can collaborate and create space-related equipment like small satellites and monitoring equipment, including a large ISO Class 6 clean room
  • Environmental testing facilities, including a walk-in thermal chamber capable of transitioning between -30°C to +70°C, and numerous vacuum chambers of different sizes
  • Functional testing facilities including simulators and tables to test docking, a vibration table which simulates launch stresses, and a Helmholtz coil facility to create a nearly uniform magnetic field
  • A ground station for overseeing and managing missions and for transmitting and receiving data.

Hiring costs

When organisations first engage with SpaceCraft, the facilities are provided at minimal cost. Commercial charging is gradually introduced in progressive stages, depending on usage and project maturity. This model has been adopted to lower the barriers to entry and recognises that co-location of enterprises with academic staff and students naturally encourages more industry-academic collaboration and innovation.

Get in touch

If you would like access to the facilities then please get in touch with our project management team to get started.