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Abigail Lamb

Abigail Lamb

"The Professional Training placement at Surrey was a major factor in deciding to come here. The University provides so much support in finding a placement, which in the long-term is incredibly beneficial for finding a job."

Mechanical Engineering MEng
Entry year

Choosing Surrey

I’d heard Surrey had an excellent Department of Mechanical Engineering, then the open day really sold it to me. The students and staff were all happy, friendly and helpful, while the University seemed like a place where it would be easy to ‘fit in’.

I remember Dr Mark J Whiting giving a talk to prospective students, which showed real enthusiasm for the subject.

The lake was beautiful and it was refreshing to see a campus filled with nature, too. There are also so many facilities for both work and socialising, like the Hive and the Nest.

My course

I’m completing an integrated Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I chose to study this subject as I enjoy problem-solving. For me, being challenged with complex problems makes for an interesting degree. I didn’t know much about engineering until I was about 16. My physics teacher told me it was something I should consider, given my interests in maths and physics.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Surrey so far. The course content is stimulating and challenging, but the lecturers are happy to provide support and they’re easy to talk to when you’re struggling.

What’s been the best part of your course?

I enjoy materials science and stress analysis, so my favourite modules have been Advanced Stress Analysis in year three and Fracture Mechanics and Finite Element Analysis in year four. These give insight into the design of everyday objects that we take for granted, and examine how choices which may seem minor – such as which steel is used – are hugely important.

I’ve also enjoyed the challenges provided by the group projects, in particular the Multi-Disciplinary Design Project in the fourth year, which pushes students to come up with innovative solutions. It’s a chance to experience something similar to a project you might be given in a graduate role.

Professional Training placement

The Professional Training placement at Surrey was a major factor in deciding to come here. The University provide so much support in finding a placement, which in the long-term is incredibly beneficial for finding a job. This experience significantly improved my CV.

Alongside this, the University careers service is very supportive and it truly benefits students. They’ve helped me improve my CV and my interview skills, which were crucial in me obtaining my placement at Atkins. I’ve also seen the support they’ve given my recent graduate friends to find them roles, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Life at Surrey

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Surrey. The friends and the memories we’ve made will stick with me for the longest.

I’ve taken part in a few different societies, my favourites being the time I spent in the UNICEF society and CRAFTsoc, the University’s arts and crafts club. Both of these gave me the chance to meet new people and use my creativity to achieve challenges I wouldn’t face during my course.

I lived in Manor Park in my first year. This was a great experience, especially for making friends outside of my course. The accommodation helped me to settle in to campus life. It felt homely and it was a nice community to be a part of. The accommodation was well managed and any issues were quickly resolved.

The future

After completing my Professional Training placement with Atkins, Sheffield, I’ve been offered a place on their graduate scheme for September 2021.

I’m particularly interested in energy, specifically renewables. It’s an important area right now, given climate change.

The University has helped me secure my future career and given me five enjoyable years. I’d be lying if I said I won’t miss it once I graduate.

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