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Constantine Pelesis

A summer placement at Adaptix, manufacturer of innovative 3D x-ray imaging devices, was a great opportunity to develop hard and soft skills for Constantine Pelesis, who is now a clinical technologist in Singleton Hospital’s Nuclear Medicine Department.

Graduation year

Why did you decide to study at Surrey?

The University has an outstanding reputation in physics and medical physics – both in teaching and research. One mark of this success is its partnership with the National Physical Laboratory. Surrey also runs one of the few IPEM (Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine) accredited Medical Physics courses.

How did you get interested in medical physics?

I was always passionate about science and, at a pivotal point in my life, I felt that I should combine this passion with my deep empathy for those in need and try to improve people’s wellbeing. Working in medical physics makes me feel fulfilled every single day.

What aspects of the MSc in Medical Physics did you most enjoy?

I most enjoyed the medical physics-focused modules and the chance to collaborate with highly skilled, experienced and very passionate academics. The course enabled me to learn a lot about medical physics in general and find out which sector I liked the most.

Tell us about your summer placement...

I studied for my masters part-time because I needed to work during my studies, and had a gap during my first summer. I contacted the South East Physics Network (SEPnet) (a network of nine universities including Surrey) and, through them, I found a summer internship opportunity at Adaptix – a company that develops revolutionary 3D x-ray imaging devices. As well as developing technical skills, such as using new software, I got the chance to see at first hand how a very fast-growing company operates, improved my communication and problem-solving skills and expanded my network.

What are you doing now?

"I currently work in the Nuclear Medicine Department of Singleton Hospital in Swansea – one of the best nuclear departments in the UK – as a clinical technologist. My masters, along with the experience I’ve gained in my current job, have hugely helped me to secure my next role – a route 2 trainee nuclear medicine clinical scientist position in Glan Clwyd Hospital."

What does your day-to-day work involve?

My days are very challenging but also extremely rewarding! I start with quality control of equipment and rotate between many different roles such as radiopharmaceutical administration, control of imaging equipment and data processing. The aim is to ensure that the environment is safe, and patients are comfortable, calm and feel understood.


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