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Felicia Troberg

Felicia Troberg

"Overall, this programme helped me understand what I want as a person and as a professional, and it helped show me what my career can look like, as well as how I can lead it myself."


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management MSc

Graduation year

  • What attracted you to the University of Surrey?

 The Entrepreneurship programme and Surrey's wonderful campus. I was looking for an immersive experience where I could focus on my studies and be surrounded by like-minded people. The campus is small but there is always something happening! I love being by the lake and being a part of the changes the campus is going through.

  • What were the best things about your programme?

 My favourite part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship MSc (previously known as Entrepreneurship MSc) were the people, both students and lecturers. My course was wonderfully diverse, leading to interesting (if not sometimes argumentative!) discussions in class. The lecturers offered a great balance of personal industry experience and academic theory that showcased how the theory can be put into practice, or how to learn from mistakes! The course and our programme director were incredibly engaging and there were often events outside of class that meant meeting and networking with industry professionals, who are experiencing what we studied, and work the way I hope to after the programme. The programme director took time and effort to ensure each student is thriving in class and becoming the best entrepreneur they could be, which is exciting and encouraging as it feels like a real possibility! The programme was tough but rewarding, and there is much support for those that seek it out.

  • How did you change as a person during your time as a Surrey student?

 I was definitely very shy in voicing my opinion and not confident in my knowledge or abilities. Through the programme I was able to build on my knowledge, as well as apply it in new ways that felt like I was making an impact, from a class discussion to choices for the start of my career. Overall, this programme helped me understand what I want as a person and as a professional, and it helped show me what my career can look like, as well as how I can lead it myself. I learned to become independent in my thinking and work, and it has given me the confidence to start my own business that is true to myself, my knowledge and my abilities. Today I am able to be much more vocal about my opinions and confident in the choices I make for my business and my career.

  • What impact do you feel your programme will have on your career?

 The course has taught me the skills and business theory I need to start, run and scale a business. It taught me that failure is part of my personal and business journey, and that learning from mistakes is as important as the successes. I learned a lot about who I am as a person, the risks I am willing to take, and the type of work style or business I thrive in. I learned how to build a business that represents my own beliefs and personality, and that is a very satisfying start to my career after university.

  • What is your strongest or happiest memory of your time at Surrey?

My happiest memory is visiting Guildford pubs, in particular the one in which I came up with my business idea and figured out exactly what I want my product and business model to be! Being able to speak to my supervisor about my business idea and start to visualise, create and build my business model is the happiest and most rewarding experience so far.


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