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George Murrell

"I have already secured a job as a social scientist atForest Research. It’s a great role where I can apply lots of what I've learnt from my studies to real research."


Environmental Psychology MSc

Entry year


Choosing Surrey 

When I was studying for my undergraduate Psychology degree at Surrey I undertook a placement year in the Environmental Psychology Research Group at the University. I took part in a range of research projects which confirmed my interest in environmental psychology and motivated me to continue to develop my knowledge and skills in the discipline. Given that the Environmental Psychology MSc at Surrey was the first to be established in the world, and is led by a group of experts in the field, it felt like the perfect option to continue my studies. I also knew I could make connections when it came to finding a related career. 

My course 

Environmental psychology, like many environmental social sciences, has been overlooked in the past when it comes to tackling some of the global issues we are facing. Fortunately, it's starting to receive greater acknowledgement and is showcasing the positive impact it can make on interconnected environmental and social matters, such as climate change and human wellbeing.  

The course is full of like-minded people who you get to work with every day. The staff are also incredibly friendly and supportive with your studies and helping you think about life after graduation. They get you really involved in the research community by hosting seminars where internal and external speakers come to present their research – something that helps you develop your interests and network. 

Studying for a postgraduate degree can definitely be challenging, but if you are really interested in the topic, then it’s worth doing. 

Life at Surrey 

I really like the location of the campus, it’s close to London and Brighton which is great when you fancy taking a break from studying! 

In the summer, I like spending time by the lake to study or socialise. It’s been great meeting people from different parts of the world who share the same interests. 

Looking ahead 

The knowledge, research experience and connections I have gained at Surrey have been invaluable in helping me with my career. My personal tutor gave me great advice and helped me to connect with people both in academia and in industry.  

I have already secured a job as a social scientist at Forest Research. I am now working in the Society and Environment Research Group there whilst writing my dissertation. It’s a great role where I can apply lots of what I've learnt from my studies to real research and learn more. My projects are currently centred around exploring the wide range of societal benefits associated with the creation, management and expansion of treescapes, including the health and wellbeing benefits of spending time in woodlands and forests. I’m looking forward to continuing this research and seeing where my career takes me! 


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