Student profile


'Placement was the best way to get valuable work experience and cement my theoretical experiences at university. I feel well-equipped to join the engineering workforce post-graduation as a result of my placement.'

Placement company

Phillips 66 and PodPoint

Choosing Surrey

The campus was the initial appeal, particularly the lake, but my decision was thoroughly cemented with tours of facilities available to me in the School of Computer and Electronic Engineering. Guildford is versatile in the offerings of a busy town centre, proximity to London, and availability of stunning local greenspace for walking and exploring. 

My course

I'm passionate about electronic and electrical engineering because it's dynamic, engaging, and offers endless opportunities for problem-solving. Being part of this field means contributing to innovation and progress, through research or work in private sectors, it’s hugely applicable.

I appreciate the fantastic teaching quality in my course, which enhances my understanding and skills. The hands-on lab work is super helpful in applying and consolidating theoretical knowledge. The varied module availability keeps things interesting while allowing for development of a diverse and refined set of skills. It's fantastic to meet course mates who are likeminded and on the same journey. It's truly fascinating and inspiring to be exposed to the research conducted by academics. It gives us a glimpse of the potential impact and possibilities within the field. Overall, it provides a comprehensive and encompassing learning journey.

The facilities available to us on the course are fantastic. The undergraduate electronic labs are the perfect place to begin your engineering journey with a vast availability of equipment to get to grips with. Additionally, the 24-hour computer labs are particularly helpful when it comes to the software based side of modules. 

Professional Training Placement

I undertook a split placement year, spending 8 months at each company. My first placement was for an Electrical Engineer role at Phillips 66, Humber Oil Refinery in North-East Lincolnshire. My second placement role was working as a Homecharge Operations Project Manager at Pod Point, London. The two placements allowed me to gain experience in very different sectors: Oil/Gas/Energy vs Electric Vehicles/Domestic Installations. It offered valuable, varied skill development with hands-on engineering experience and project management. 


At Phillips 66, I contributed to complex electrical maintenance at an oil refinery, focusing on high voltage distribution systems and environmental control systems. Highlights included participating in refinery turnaround activities and proposing solutions for equipment reliability improvement, alongside engaging in diversity and outreach initiatives. A real highlight was gaining my IET EngTech accreditation, the first step on the ladder to become a Chartered Engineer.

My time at PodPoint immersed me in the quickly developing electric vehicle and charging sector. It gave me the opportunity to use my engineering problem-solving skills in a project management environment, overseeing installation plans and scheduling of domestic electric vehicle charge points. The team I worked alongside was the highlight of my time spent here, alongside the opportunities to network across the business and understand the inner workings of the business and how the EV sector is expanding and adapting technologically. 

Looking forward

I’d love to pursue a career in electrical engineering, more specifically in the growing field of Renewable Energy. I’d love to pair my passion for sustainability and engineering to make a real difference in the ongoing energy transition. Equally, I’d love to continue taking part in STEM outreach events to encourage school-leavers and young children into engineering careers, assisting the goal of a more inclusive and diverse environment.