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Lateef Iqbal

Lateef Iqbal

"Having not been in a study environment for many years, it was a steep and exciting learning curve."


Master of Business Administration MBA

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I am an Optometrist who has been a Partner at three local Specsavers stores for the past 20 years. I felt I was in quite a narrow area and wanted to expand my knowledge within business to future proof myself and my career.

Why the Surrey MBA?

I was impressed by the facilities and what was available on the course. Having not been in a study environment for many years it was a steep and exciting learning curve. However, everyone comes with strengths so there has been plenty of areas where I have been able to contribute.

Benefits of the course

Being able to place more rigour and evidence in work assignments has given me an extra dimension at work. Having a broader understanding of all aspects of business and what the future holds has allowed me to have much better conversations with a broader group in my organisation. I was surprised how much could be achieved studying and working with a driven, motivated cohort of MBA colleagues.

"I have been invited to board level projects by pivoting MBA modules towards work related assignments."

Your advice 

The Surrey MBA is a great opportunity to get so much more out of yourself. You will achieve and learn more than you ever expected. It is a fast track to your next move whether in business or your career. There has been so much more than expected with the campus facilities and the breadth of speakers on so many subjects. It's been such an amazing learning experience that has brought so much to my career.

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