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Nifan Ma

"I felt by pursuingan MBA, it could add some specific business skills to my toolkit, such as leadership and strategic thinking."


Master of Business Administration MBA

Entry year


Why the Surrey MBA?

I felt it was time to engage with the latest knowledge and theories and keep myself up to date. Also, I felt by pursuing an MBA, it could add some specific business skills to my toolkit, such as leadership and strategic thinking.

Surrey has a world-class reputation and teaching qualities. Apart from this, the course itself offered many different subjects that closely related to the current business world, such as digital platforms, finance, strategic change management etc, which allowed me to broaden my horizon and understand what is happening in other industries different to my own.

The course

The course is designed to have a broad and full view of business, from strategy, supply chain, finance, strategic change, innovation, etc; but linked very well together to help leaders deal with complex situations and make decisions.

The staff have been extremely helpful, especially as this course offered a career consulting 1-to-1 session, to help students who wish to make a double or even triple jump (industry, position and country) in their post-MBA era.

Course benefits

Much of the knowledge I learnt is very useful in my career. I would choose the cross-culture working experience as one of the most important things I learnt from this course. The MBA journey builds a platform to link different cultures together and allows us to build cross-cultural leadership skills. In my current job, I found strategies and tips I learnt from the MBA about cross-culture management very helpful.

My soft skills have improved a lot, such as communication, leadership skills and being able to adapt to complex situations quickly and deal with problems in a creative way. All of these are helping my career.

The MBA is a life-time experience. Not just the knowledge from books, but also the opportunity to engage with the cohort and brainstorm together and generate new ideas that change your way of thinking.

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