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Vikrant Singh

Vikrant Singh

"The academic staff include some of the leading figures in mobile communications who are known all over the world."

Entry year

Having worked in the mobile communication industry for nearly a decade, I realised the huge overhaul mobile technology is about to undergo as we approach 5G, and therefore decided to improve my technical skills to keep me ahead of the competition.

While working in the industry – most recently at Huawei Technologies as Lead Technical Support on a highly complex network modernisation project in the Middle East – I had heard a lot about the pioneering research that is being done at Surrey, particularly in the 5G Innovation Centre. This was behind my decision to study for the MSc Electronic Engineering at Surrey.

What I’ve enjoyed most about the course is the way you are encouraged to develop self-learning skills, and also the exposure you get, and the facilities you get to use, which reflect the latest developments that are going on in the technical world. The academic staff include some of the leading figures in mobile communications who are known all over the world – such as Professor Rahim Tafazolli and Dr Tim Brown.

I have also enjoyed the events which are a regular occurrence at Surrey such as Welcome Week (which includes various events), society events (especially related to festivals), employment fairs, and so on. These help to keep you engaged and broaden your horizons beyond your immediate studies.

I haven’t completely decided what I’d like to do after my masters course. I’d be open to doing a PhD in a topic of interest, or would equally like to return to the industry and continue working in the technical domain, using the added skills that I have acquired at Surrey.


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