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Yash Kulthe

''My time at Surrey has had a profound impact on my employability post-graduation. The course content, which is always up-to-date with the latest trends, has equipped me with cutting-edge knowledge and skills.''

Entry year


Why did you choose to come to Surrey?

Primarily because of the strong academic reputation in the field of Artificial Intelligence, a fact I was told by an alumni. The convenience of on-campus accommodations was a major hit as it eliminated the need for daily commuting, allowing me to fully engage in my studies and extracurricular activities. Additionally, the university's proximity to London provided valuable opportunities to attend technical events and workshops, which align with my interests. In summary, Surrey's academic excellence, on-campus housing, and access to London's vibrant environment made it the ideal choice for me. 

What was your impression of Surrey? 

My impression of Surrey as an international student, even without the opportunity for an in-person visit, has been overwhelmingly positive thanks to the university's exceptional digital resources and the efforts of Surrey's digital team. The university's online presence, including videos and guides, provides a comprehensive and insightful view of the campus, making it easier for international students like me to understand and appreciate the university's offerings. One standout feature that immediately caught my attention is the campus's greenery, which is not only stunning but also provides a serene environment. My favourite spot on campus is the beautiful lake, where I often go to unwind and gather my thoughts when I'm feeling stressed or in need of creative inspiration. Surrey's digital resources and the natural beauty of the campus have left a lasting and positive impression on me. 

Why are you passionate about your subject? 

I am deeply passionate about Artificial Intelligence because of its transformative and expanding role in various domains. AI has not only evolved but has also been effectively applied in sectors that were once considered futuristic, such as autonomous vehicles, disease detection, and enhancing security. The limitless potential applications of AI are what truly ignite my enthusiasm for this subject. It motivates me to think that AI can be harnessed to tackle real-life challenges and make a meaningful impact to society. The prospect of using AI to address real issues and create innovative solutions drives my dedication to this field. 

Why did you choose to study your course at Surrey? 

Primarily because of the exceptional research group in the CVSSP group. Surrey was my top choice due to the strength and reputation of this research group. While I received offers from other universities with higher rankings, they did not offer the same level of expertise and resources in Computer Vision research as Surrey does. Since I aspire to pursue a career in research, this was a crucial factor in my decision. 

What do you like about your course? 

What I particularly appreciate about my course is the teaching state-of-the-art techniques of AI in some modules. While the fundamentals are certainly important which are being covered, as a masters student I believe it's crucial to delve into the latest advancements in the field. Many of the modules are cutting-edge, providing insights into the most current developments in AI. I also like that the curriculum is designed to evolve and improve continually, benefiting future students by keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the field. 

Are you part of any clubs or societies? 

No, I am not a part of any clubs or societies. But I do enjoy actively participating in the events they organize. Recently, I had the opportunity to participate the iTEK placement hosted by the Student Enterprise, and I also took part in the GenAI hackathon held at the University. These events have added a vibrant and dynamic dimension to my Surrey experience, allowing me to engage with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights, and connect with a diverse community of students with shared interests. 

Have you lived in University accommodation? 

I've had the pleasure of living in University accommodation, specifically in Band C2 (Surrey Court). Personally, I might be a bit biased towards my own room, but I genuinely believe that Surrey Court is the best on campus XD. The accommodation facilities have exceeded my expectations and the maintenance team is incredibly responsive. If there's an issue, logging a complaint results in a swift resolution, often within just a couple of days. It's a great place to call home during my time at Surrey. 

What are the best things about life in general at Surrey?

While I may not be the most social person, I've observed that Surrey offers a vibrant social scene with numerous opportunities for students to engage. The university organizes a wide array of events and excursions, and various student societies plan exciting trips that facilitate social interaction. Beyond the social aspect, the University of Surrey has an excellent Sports Park, a beautiful campus, and its close proximity to London, making it a well-rounded experience for everyone. Whether you're into sports, cultural exploration, or simply enjoying the campus, Surrey has something to offer for all aspects of life. 

What careers support have you received?

I've had a remarkable career support experience through the iTEK placement offered by my course. This unique opportunity allowed me to collaborate with a company on a project, providing me with valuable industry experience. As a fresh graduate with no prior industry exposure, this hands-on experience has been an invaluable stepping stone towards my career goals. 

How do you think your time at Surrey has impacted your employability once you graduate?  

My time at Surrey has had a profound impact on my employability post-graduation. The course content, which is always up-to-date with the latest trends, has equipped me with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. Additionally, the university's various events and workshops have been the key in my personal and professional development. However, one of the most significant lessons I've learned during my time at Surrey is effective time management. With the multitude of opportunities and activities available, I've honed this critical skill, which I believe will greatly benefit me in my future career. 

What has been your best moment at Surrey so far? 

I've had two standout moments during my time at Surrey. The first was winning the GenAI hackathon organized by the university, which was a truly rewarding experience. The second highlight was my dissertation, conducted in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). This opportunity allowed me to engage in collaborative research and hands-on experiments at NPL, providing a fascinating real-world perspective on the research process and the chance to witness the inner workings of a leading research institution in action.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about postgraduate study? 

First, prioritize your studies, and if possible, minimize part-time work to fully immerse yourself in your academic pursuits. Second, do your coursework and assignments by yourself to gain a deep understanding of the subject matter. Third, focus on your professional development and seek opportunities to publish your work, especially in your dissertation. Finally, enjoy your time at Surrey - the one-year masters programme goes by faster than you might expect, so make the most of the experience and enjoy every moment. 

What do you plan to do following your postgraduate course at Surrey? 

Following the completion of my postgraduate course at Surrey, my plan is to pursue a PhD. I'm currently actively exploring PhD opportunities, and I'm particularly interested in the possibility of continuing my academic journey within the University itself. I'm excited by the prospect of further research and contributing to the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

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