Few disciplines are as stimulating, exciting and fast-moving as chemistry.

Our Department has one of the best staff-to-student ratios in the country and as a student of chemistry, you’ll seek answers to some of life’s most fundamental questions. You’ll learn about the latest advances in inorganic, organic, analytical, physical, computational, forensic and medicinal chemistry, and you’ll harness the power of new technologies through our Royal Society of Chemistry accredited courses.

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Developing fingerprint sampling as a completely non-invasive approach for therapeutic drug monitoring

Funding information:
Enhanced EPSRC stipend (£19,062 per annum for 2022-23, with annual increments based on inflation) and fees covered. Funding also includes a research training and support grant of £3000 for the duration of the studentship.

Biodegradable polymers: New directions in controlled radical ring-opening polymerisation

Funding information:
This call is for self-funded students. Funding for exceptional candidates may be available through doctoral college studentships; please enquire.

Blade spray mass spectrometry for characterisation and quantification of mutagenic impurities in pharmaceutical reaction mixtures

Funding information:
Full stipend at the UKRI standard rate (£15,609 for 2021/22) with UK fees and basic training support grant.