Governing plastics database

The two projects will build knowledge and expertise and create a database which will be a forum for knowledge and information exchange. This information will be publicly accessible. The database will be available soon.

Image credit: valentinacortes-neme (Morguefile)

Plastic Pollution Governance Framework Network Project

The network project will build knowledge and expertise around different governance approaches to plastics waste across Development Assistance Committee (DAC)-listed countries. 

The Wicked Problem of Plastics and the Discourse Surrounding its Governance

The network will build knowledge and expertise on the messages and communications around plastics and their waste and how this affects the governance approaches adopted across Development Assistance Committee (DAC)-listed countries where the problems are particularly acute. The object of the network is to share and build expertise in managing this wicked problem and reports and information will be held on this publicly accessible website sharing knowledge throughout the project.