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Dr Ciro della Monica

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Sleep problems/disorders

Please note we are not a sleep clinic and therefore cannot make diagnoses or referrals. If you are experiencing problems with sleep in the first instance, we would always recommend that you contact your own GP.

Dr Khan (Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey) has an interest in neurological sleep disorders and works as a Consultant Neurologist at The Royal Surrey County Hospital where she is setting up a sleep disorders clinic. This includes investigating and treating causes of excessive sleepiness, restless legs, unusual behaviours during sleep (such as sleep walking and acting out dreams) and circadian rhythm disorders.  

Currently the sleep clinic does not provide a service for patients with insomnia  

If you wish to be seen in the sleep clinic your GP will need to refer you to:

Dr Sofia Khan
Consultant Neurologist
Royal Surrey County Hospital
Egerton Road
Surrey GU2 7XX



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