Explain Everything

Draw, write, voice record, insert images and text, all on top of a presentation, with Explain Everything's collaborative and interactive whiteboard for iPad and tablet.

Explain Everything is an interactive screencasting whiteboard app for tablet and iPad. It enables you to:

  • Share projects with others for collaborative working
  • Give others access to edit shared projects
  • Record sessions that you can draw over and edit easily
  • Produce interactive videos
  • Create demonstrations
  • Make use of an infinite canvas that you can zoom into
  • Record without leaving the app
  • Film yourself while recording (if you are brave enough!)
  • Save projects in a number of formats including PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG, and MP4
  • Export videos to a place of your choice
  • Use student-created videos as an assessment tool.

Using Explain Everything

Explain Everything enables you to deliver bitesize teaching screencasts. You could try using it to send microtutorials in advance of lectures or your could send tutorial feedback to students that provides the answers to tutorial questions in a more visual way.

The app can be used with any content area, by virtually any grade level, making it incredibly flexible.

Explain Everything illustration

More information

Explain Everything is ideally suited for use on a tablet computer. If you don't have a tablet, you can borrow one from your Faculty Digital Learning Co-ordinator.

Get in touch with TEL for more information.

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