Panopto is an audio-visual system designed to easily record and produce educational materials, which can be made available online for students to review at a time, pace and location of their choosing.

What are the educational benefits of Panopto? 

The Panopto system at Surrey is used to support learning and teaching in two ways: 

Recording live teaching events (lecture capture) 

  • lecture capture enabled rooms are equipped to record a combination of spoken voice, screen display (e.g. PowerPoint presentation) and, where available, a visualiser used for displaying documents and other objects 

Creating additional learning materials 

  • Creating ‘mini’ lectures that explain a concept in advance of a more detailed discussion during class (e.g. flipped learning) 

  • Producing short tutorials that demonstrate how to use a software application/or technique to achieve a particular task 

  • Giving feedback on assignments, by recording a voice commentary whilst annotating an essay on-screen, for example  

Panopto has been integrated with SurreyLearn. Staff can access Panopto from within SurreyLearn modules which streamlines the process of making and sharing recordings.  

Panopto and Captured Content  

On the 2nd July 2018, the University approved a new policy which was developed through university-wide consultation. The Policy for the Use of Captured Content opens in new window is available from the University’s regulation page. 

Captured content is the term used at the University of Surrey to refer to educational video recordings used to supplement teaching. These might take the form of: 

  • recordings of live classroom teaching, i.e. Pantopto lecture capture 

  • recordings of content created in advance or after a teaching session e.g. podcasts, vodcasts, screencasts, webcasts. 

  • re-purposing recordings created by individuals or organisations beyond Surrey and made available through e.g. Box of Broadcasts , YouTube, Khan Academy, TED Talks and other discipline specific collections. 

For further guidance and support, please check the TEL Hub (staff login required) or email 

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