Research impact

As a research-intensive University, we are committed to interacting with the best researchers on the global stage to address issues affecting mankind.

Our international collaborations in research have led to over 50 per cent of our research outputs featuring an international co-author.

Global research impact


Staff in the School of Psychology are working on multiple research studies on Cognition and Motivation with the University of Melbourne.


Staff at the Surrey Veterinary School are working with our partners at North Carolina State University and the University of Sao Paulo to develop better ways to monitor and control resistance to antibiotics in food animal production.


Surrey researchers have been investigating air pollution and particle number size distributions at thirteen different sites in China. Surrey staff have worked with Peking University carrying out water exchange experiments using treated wastewater in an artificial landscape.

France, Germany and Switzerland

Surrey’s strong participation with leading European radioactive-beam facilities is leading to new understandings of energy applications.


Our partnership with TU Dresden and Kings College London is shaping the future of 5G technology.


A research team consisting of experts from Surrey and institutions in India have been awarded £981,717 for their project working to develop cheaper diagnostics tests for bovine TB and a vaccine to be used alongside it.


Staff at the University of Surrey are working with various partners in Japan investigating developments in Neutron spectroscopic factors.


The Republic of Kazakhstan is working with Surrey Satellite Technology to create a national system which will support its government with resource and environmental monitoring for policy and decision making.

Sub-Saharan Africa

The 3K-SAN project is developing and evaluating strategies for catalysing self-sustaining sanitation chains in low-income informal settlements in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

USA (California)

Surrey Professor Craig Underwood is directing the UK’s involvement within the ‘AAReST’ (Autonomous Assembly of a Reconfigurable Space Telescope) project with the California Institute of Technology.

USA (North Carolina)

Staff in the Maths Department are working with colleagues at North Carolina State and the University of Sao Paulo on a project entitled ‘An Interdisciplinary Approach for the Prevention, Treatment and Control of Hepatitis C Virus Infection’.

Staff from both universities are working on a project looking at aerodynamic modelling for flight dynamics simulation.

USA (Tennessee)

The University has a long history of working with Oakridge National Laboratory in the area of nuclear physics and engineering.

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