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Why the sky’s the limit for solar energy

In an interview with, Professor Ravi Silva outlines how research into processed organic materials could enable solar energy systems that cost a thousandth of their current price.

Alan Rogers Award competition

Surrey PhD students and early career researchers are invited to apply for the Alan Rogers Innovation Award, launched in memory of Prof Alan Rogers, Photonics expert and former Visiting Professor.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Lecturer wins Faculty’s Teaching Excellence Award

Dr Radu Sporea has been named the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences’ Early Career Teacher of the Year 2017.

Smart textiles for wearable energy sources

ATI researchers led by Prof Ravi Silva are developing a revolutionary technology that will allow people to act as their own “power source” by wearing clothing such as “smart” shirts and shoes that harvest and store electricity.

‘Tiny dancer’ atoms could prove a hit with quantum computer scientists

Quantum computers could be a step closer to practical use thanks to the work of an international team led by University of Surrey scientists.

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