Student transfers

The University of Surrey has processes in place to facilitate student transfers from one programme to another within the University, or to transfer from one institution to another.

Current students

Taught students at the University may find that they want to change their degree programme, find information on the process in place to facilitate this.

For further information and guidance on student transfers, current students should contact your relevant Academic Hive.

Following the commencement of their programme with the University of Surrey taught students may also find that they wish to change institutions. Students in this circumstance are asked to contact the relevant institutions admissions office for more information.

Students from other institutions

The University also has processes in place to accept students who have already completed prior credits at another institution. Claims through this process would normally be made with reference to formal learning, certified or experiential learning which took place less than five years prior to the submission of the application. Further information on this process can be found within the Code of practice for recognition of prior learning and prior credit: taught programmes.

The University considers applications for second-year entry on many of our undergraduate programmes. Please contact the Admissions team for specific advice regarding your programme of interest.

Programmes are subject to change within the University and on occasion are suspended or withdrawn. The University is committed to supporting the student learning experience and has processes in place to ensure that students are not adversely affected by any of these instances. Further information can be found within the Student Protection Plan.

The School of Health Sciences has arrangements in place with specific institutions to support student transfers.

Transfers are subject to the following conditions and in line with University’s regulations:

  1. Sufficient places are available
  2. The entry requirements are met (entry requirements are on the relevant programme page)
  3. The content previously undertaken and passed can map to the programme the student is looking to transfer to.

For further information and guidance on student transfers, new applicants should contact the University’s contact the Admissions team.