Research themes

We believe that to better understand the digital economy's transformative potential, we need insights that will be developed through rigorous, multi-disciplinary research. Our research sheds light on the social, technological, economic, managerial, organisational, political, and ethical implications of the digital economy.

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Digital entrepreneurship and innovation 
  • Emerging working practices in the digital age
  • Scale-ups in the digital economy
  • Gender and digital entrepreneurship
  • Failure and legitimacy in digital entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and business angel investing for digital ventures
Digital platforms and new business ecosystems
  • Business strategy in the age of digital competition
  • Ecosystems emergence and evolution
  • Digital platform innovation
  • Two-sided markets
  • Competition in platform-based ecosystems
  • Digital platforms, ecosystems performance and governance
  • Digital platforms and international development
  • Digital value creation and capture, and digital business models

Digital transformation of government
  • Open data and digital transformation in the public sector
  • Digital government
  • Open data, digital transformation and innovation in the public sector
Ethics and privacy of big data
  • Ethics and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Governance and business responsibilities of digitalisation
  • Responsible innovation in the digital economy
  • Artificial intelligence and business decision making
Social media
  • Evolution of social media platforms
  • Automation and the digital advertising ecosystem
  • Emotions, communication and interactions in social media platforms

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