We bring together researchers from across disciplines to shed light on the social, technological, economic, managerial, organisational, political and ethical implications of the digital economy.


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Professor Annabelle Gawer

Chaired Professor in Digital Economy; Director, Surrey Centre of Digital Economy (CoDE)

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Dr Atta Addo

Senior Lecturer in Digital Innovation and Enterpreneurship

Dr Cristina Alaimo

CoDE External Affiliate, SBS Visiting Researcher, Assistant Prof at LUISS in Digital Innovation and Data & Society

Haifa Alsughayer profile image

Haifa Alsughayer

Postgraduate Research Student

Birgit Altrichter profile image

Dr Birgit Altrichter

Lecturer in Marketing Analytics

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Dr Carla Bonina

Associate Professor (Reader) in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Professor Bonnie Buchanan

Director of Sustainable and Explainable FinTech (SAEF) Center, Immediate Past Head of Department of Finance and Accounting and Professor of Finance

Dr Itziar Castelló

CoDE External Affiliate, SBS Visiting Researcher Reader in Sustainability & Digital Economy at Bayes Business School

Lydia Milly Certa profile image

Lydia Certa

Postgraduate Research Student and Sustainability Fellow at the Institute for Sustainability

Sunghwan (Daniel) Cho profile image

Dr Daniel Cho

Senior Lecturer / Programme Lead (BSc Management with Entrepreneurship)

Irina Cojuharenco profile image

Dr Irina Cojuharenco

Reader, Founding Director of the University of Surrey Business and Economic Experiments (USBEE) Laboratory

MariaLaura Di Domenico profile image

Professor MariaLaura Di Domenico

Director of Research & Professor (Chair) of Entrepreneurship, Work and Organization

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Dr Thomas Fackler

Senior Lecturer in Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Regina Frei profile image

Dr Regina Frei

Associate Professor of Digital Economy

Hannah Gooding profile image

Hannah Gooding

Postgraduate Research Student

Bahareh Heravi profile image

Dr Bahareh Heravi

Reader in AI and Media

Adrian Hilton profile image

Professor Adrian Hilton

Director Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI | Director of Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing

Paul Hodkinson profile image

Professor Paul Hodkinson

Professor of Sociology

Dr Henry Lopez-Vega

CoDE External Affiliate, SBS Visiting Researcher

Michael McGuire profile image

Dr Michael McGuire

Senior Lecturer

Felipe Merlano profile image

Felipe Merlano

Research Fellow

Ekaterina Murzacheva profile image

Dr Ekaterina Murzacheva

Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Deputy Head of Department

Glenn Parry profile image

Professor Glenn Parry

Professor of Digital Transformation; Head, Department of Digital Economy Entrepreneurship and Innovation; CoDirector DECaDE: EPSRC Centre for the Decentralised Digital Economy

Valentina Pitardi profile image

Dr Valentina Pitardi

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Abdolreza Roshani profile image

Dr Abdolreza Roshani

Lecturer in Business Analytics

Jim Sears profile image

Jim Sears

Programme Director MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management; Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation;

M.Mahdi Tavalaei profile image

Dr Mahdi Tavalaei

Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Digital Transformation

Richard Tee profile image

Dr Richard Tee

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ijeoma Oguamalam profile image

Ijeoma Victor-Oguamalam

Postgraduate Research Student

Wenqi Wei profile image

Dr Wenqi Wei

Lecturer in Hospitality Management

Xiaotian Xie profile image

Xiaotian Xie

Research Fellow in Centre for the Decentralised Digital Economy

Ying Zhang profile image

Ying Zhang

PhD candidate

Shao Zhao profile image

Shao Zhao

Postgraduate Research Student