Clinical Intervention and Practice Research Group

We have a long standing national and international reputation for our research in mental health prevention, promotion, intervention and understandings. Our research culture is vibrant, diverse, creative and supportive, which enables academics and post-graduate researchers to push the boundaries and thrive.

Collaborations and funding

The Department has strong research links and a history of collaborations with NHS Trusts, Health and Social Care providers, charitable organisations, and the third sector. We have, and continue to, attract research funding from a range of sources including UKRI research awards and awards from charities, foundations and the private sector.

Research Director

Dr Paul Hanna

Clinical Psychology Research Director

Dr Paul Hanna is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology. Paul joined the University of Surrey in 2014 and since then has had appointments as Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Tourism, Deputy Chair of the University Ethics Committee, Postgraduate Research Director (SHTM), and Deputy Director of the Sustainability and Wellbeing Research Group (SHTM).  Dr H...

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Fantastic morning with our friends & colleagues from the Intercultural Psychologist Consultants, setting the scene…
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Welcoming our 50th cohort to the programme today! A talented & interesting group, we are delighted to have you 🤩
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Very proud of Lorna and her work 🙌🏽