Applied clinical and health psychology

Our research group brings together psychologists investigating a range of areas related to health, clinical and behavioural psychology. 

Our research

We broadly focus on the application of psychological theory to promote wellbeing, healthy attitudes and behaviours. This involves developing and evaluating interventions for those who are at risk of, or are experiencing, mental health difficulties related to physical health conditions, and their families. Co-design of interventions with lived experience advisors and NHS colleagues are integral to our approach to ensure interventions are relevant and can be implemented into routine clinical practice. We have close ties with NHS Trusts, schools, third sector organisations and commercial partners. In addition to trial and experimental design utilising mixed methodology, the research group has expertise in longitudinal surveys, evidence synthesis, as well as the design, development and psychometric evaluation of patient reported outcome measures. 


Members of the research group have secured competitive funding from the National Institute for Health Research, Research for Patient Benefit Programmes, Diabetes UK, the Food Standards Agency and Dunhill Medical Trust to name the most current sources.

Example projects

The group is home to a number of PsychD trainee clinical psychologists conducting research in a variety of clinical and general populations. Examples of trainee projects include:

  • Feasibility studies and trials (i.e. online compassion focussed intervention for people experiencing the menopause transition, group intervention to support siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, parent intervention to raise confident children with long term health conditions, photovoice as an intervention to improve wellbeing during COVID-19),
  • Cross-sectional studies (e.g. understanding the role of distress intolerance and accommodation behaviours in caregivers of young people with eating disorders).
  • Qualitative studies (e.g. phenomenological approach to explore people’s experience of critical illness with COVID-19).

Meet the team

Research group lead

Kimberley Smith profile image

Dr Kimberley Smith

Senior lecturer in Clinical Health Psychology

Group members

Dr Tina Cohen

Senior Teaching Fellow

Professor Grant Devilly

Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia

Catherine Huckle profile image

Dr Catherine Huckle

Joint Programme Director

Jane Iles profile image

Dr Jane Iles

Programme Director, PsychD Clinical Psychology Programme. Associate Professor. Clinical Psychologist

Mary John profile image

Mary John

Head of Department of Psychological Interventions

Christina Jones profile image

Professor Chrissie Jones

Professor in Clinical Health Psychology

Jennifer Mance profile image

Dr Jennifer Mance

Senior Lecturer & Clinical Psychologist

Dr Oliver Mason

Reader in Clinical Psychology

Bob Patton profile image

Dr Bob Patton

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Dr Gemma Perman

Teaching Fellow

Dr Rosie Satherley

Research Fellow

Dr Rose-Marie Satherley

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Nicola Vince

Research Assistant