Drugs, alcohol and addictive behaviours

Our research group encompasses all aspects of addictive behaviour. Our activity is focused on research that has clear relevance to harm reduction.

Our research

We utilise both quantitative and qualitative research approaches and have a track record of carrying out research collaboratively with colleagues outside the School of Psychology – locally, nationally and internationally. We have a particular interest (together with colleagues from other research groups) in digital interventions and innovative approaches to data collection. 

Example projects

Examples of our current work includes:

  • A validation of the diagnostic criteria of Internet Gaming Disorder in the DSM-V among the esports community (PsychD)
  • An exploration of cognitive deficits of Khat users in UK and East Africa (PhD, funded by SSA)
  • A qualitative study of online access to help / support for gamblers (PhD).

Meet the team

Research group lead

Bob Patton profile image

Dr Bob Patton

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Research group members

Professor Grant Devilly

Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia