Postgraduate research

The School of Psychology is a major contributor to postgraduate training in the UK. In terms of the number of students at postgraduate level, it is now the largest school in the country.

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Example PhD and Professional Doctorate projects

Ongoing projects

Understanding the role emotional intimacy plays in the lives of professional, mid-life men. 
Kate Halliwell

How do facilitators explain paternal absence from parenting groups? 
Simone Irvine

How do male Nigerian International University Students Understand and Manage Differing Cultural Expectations Regarding Sources of Support for Psychological and Emotional Distress? 
Nancy Nsiah 

Mindfulness and positive workplace outcomes: An evaluation of the Headspace mindfulness app
Michelle Rich

Factors associated with the mental health and well-being of middle-aged male carers
Sarah Warrell-Philips

Completed projects

The relationship between workplace social capital and employee subjective wellbeing, stress and job satisfaction: a cross-sectional survey within an NHS Mental Health Trust 
Elizabeth Barlow (2013) 

Do First Year Male Undergraduates from Poorer Families Suffer more Mental Health Difficulties due to Increased Financial Strain?
Clarence Bissessar (2016) 

Gender differences in the journey to recovery from addiction (a secondary analysis of survey data from Glasgow) 
Angela Campbell (2011) 

The association between socioeconomic status and mens’ help seeking for psychological distress: Is this mediated by conformity to masculine norms and gender role conflict? 
Tanya Corker (2013) 

Mindfulness in the workplace: A study considering the relationships between mindfulness, self-acceptance, stress and work engagement. 
Lisa Lee Falcon (2014) 

A grounded theory study of the effect of mindfulness on colleague relationships 
Elizabeth Millward (2016) 

The Influence of Conformity to Masculine Norms and emotional Intelligence on Men’s Intentions to Seek Help for Psychological 
Richard Scott (2013) 

The Impact of Social Class Bias on Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Practitioners’ Clinical Reasoning
Tom Vlietstra (2017)

Young men’s help seeking for psychological distress: does conformity to masculine norms influence the response to masculine-focused promotional material
Kathryn Wigley (2013)

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