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Meet the team

Project team

Professor Nigel Fielding

Emeritus Professor

Christina Silver profile image

Dr Christina Silver

Associate Professor (Teaching), Director of CAQDAS Networking Project

Dr Sarah Bulloch

Teaching Fellow

Project associates

Ann Lewins

CAQDAS Networking Project Manager (1994-2010)

Professor Alan Bryman

CAQDAS Networking Project Manager (1994-2010)

Dr Jane Fielding

QUIC Co-Director (2008-2011)

Graham Gibbs

QUIC E-Learning Consultant (2008-2011)

Graham Hughes

QUIC MICS Research Fellow (2008-2011)

Professor Ray Lee

AQDAS Networking Project Co-Founder (1994-2009)

Christine Rivers profile image

Professor Christine Rivers

Head of Department of Management Education

Zoe Tenger

QUIC Administrator (2008-2011)

Nigel Woodger

Multimedia Support (2008-2011)