Centre for infrastructure systems engineering (CISE)

Infrastructure Systems Engineering covers activities across a wide range of length scales aimed at sustainable infrastructure delivery and management. Research encompasses the characterisation and modelling of damage processes through asset life-cycles, the simulation of complex structural systems under cyclic, dynamic and extreme loads, and the performance assessment and management of large infrastructure networks.

  • Innovative construction materials and their durability
  • Reliability assessment of large infrastructure systems
  • Asset performance & management of potable water networks
  • Advanced FE modelling & testing of structural systems under static/dynamic/fatigue loading
  • Structural glass & glass facades
  • Robustness & progressive collapse of structures
  • Structural health monitoring and damage assessment

Dynamic and extreme loads

Sudden removal of columns caused by a blast or impact introduces instability in the building frame. Adjacent floors lose their bearing abruptly. This instability propagates and can be seen as a wave of buckling columns that propagates outwards and later upwards. Building instability resulting from an immediate column removal requires dynamics analysis. This work is part of a larger effort led by Dr Szyniszewski to understand the behavior of complex phenomena through the use of high-fidelity simulations. More information can be found on Dr Szyniszewski's website.

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