The Science and Technology of Adhesive Bonding

Next course runs 2019-20

This is a one week postgraduate level course. The aim is to provide an intensive introduction to the basic principles, technology and applications of adhesive bonding.

About the course

The course will be staffed by lecturers with considerable experience in structural adhesive bonding, drawn from both industry and academia. Each day will comprise lectures, laboratory demonstrations and classes with the course tutors.

Attendees with specific problems will have ample opportunity to consult the lecturers.

The number of registrants will be limited to ensure maximum benefit from both the practical classes and tutorial sessions.

For queries about this course

Jenna Flint,Short Course Administrator

Course overview

Who should attend

Those with a higher education qualification in science or engineering are likely to benefit most.

This course is for you if your wish to gain a more complete understanding of the science and technology of the adhesive bonding process, or if you have responsibility for the design of systems involving adhesive joints, or for moving such designs through to production.

You may be a materials scientist, a design engineer or production engineer or similar. No specific previous qualifications will be assumed but the level is set to appeal to those of graduate or equivalent status with some industrial experience.

Provisional lecture topics

  • Mechanisms of adhesion
  • Wetting and spreading 1: An introduction
  • Adhesive formulation and the chemistry of adhesive types
  • Methods for the analysis of interfacial chemistry (SEM, EDX, TEM, XPS, SIMS, AES)
  • Mechanical properties of structural adhesives
  • Design of adhesive joints
  • Selection of adhesives
  • Health and safety aspects
  • The surface pretreatment of metals
  • The surface pretreatment of plastics
  • Industrial applications of anaerobic, cyanoacrylate and UV curable
  • Science and technology of silane adhesion promoters
  • Modelling the structural response of bonded structures to service loading
  • The bonding process
  • Quality assurance in adhesive bonding
  • Manufacturing case studies I-IV.

Course Director

The Course Director is Professor John F Watts.

Further information


This will be a week long course. Dates to be confirmed.


Price to be confirmed.

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