Exotic nuclei and nuclear astrophysics

Our research seeks to address the structure and reaction properties of key radioactive nuclei, which govern the pathways of nucleosynthesis in explosive astrophysical environments and determine the evolution of nuclear shapes and shells far from stability.


To perform these studies, we make use of a variety of innovative experimental techniques at both world-leading stable and radioactive ion beam facilities. Our experimental expertise involves the use of charged-particle and gamma-ray spectroscopy as well as the use of magnetic spectrometers and separators.

Research areas

  • Nuclear reactions affecting the emission of cosmic gamma rays
  • Direct measurements of radiative capture reactions
  • Exotic nuclei for understanding nuclei synthesis in explosive binary systems
  • Single particle transfer reactions around the Islands of Inversion
  • Exploring exotic nuclear shapes and shape coexistence.

Staff members

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Professor Wilton Catford

Professor, Research Group Leader of Experimental Nuclear Physics

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Professor Gavin Lotay

Professor, Director of Research and Innovation

Student using physics equipment

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