Shape and shell evolution in heavy nuclei

Our work focuses on the structure of neutron-rich nuclei, studying a range of phenomena including shape evolution, K-isomerism, and shell structure around the N=126 closed shell, with the eventual goal of pushing towards the path of the astrophysical r-process.


This work takes place at a variety of fragmentation and ISOL radioactive beam facilities and utilises a variety of experimental techniques including gamma-ray spectroscopy and lifetime measurements. For lifetime measurements we frequently make use of the Surrey led FATIMA array of lanthanum tri-bromide (LaBr3) detectors.

Research areas

  • Nuclear structure around the doubly closed shell nucleus 208Pb
  • The limits and theory of K-isomerism
  • Shape evolution in the vicinity of the doubly mid shell nucleus 270Dy
  • Industrial applications of nuclear structure studies.

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