Published: 09 March 2018

Top jobs with a nutrition and dietetics degree

Find out what you could do with a degree in nutrition and dietetics, and discover some of the jobs Surrey food, nutrition and dietetics graduates have secured over the past few years.

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The Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Surrey is an innovative teaching and learning environment, ranked number one in the UK by both The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 and the Complete Univeristy Guide 2017.

Our students enjoy a range of Professional Training placement opportunities, close links to industry and attractive career prospects in the food industry, health service and beyond.

"I love learning about food and how it is associated with our health. Healthy eating and nutrition is always a hot topic worldwide, and it's exciting to be studying a degree that has strong links with emerging research." - Rebecca Picton, BSc Nutrition/Dietetics

Careers with a food, nutrition and dietetics degree

A degree in food, nutrition and dietetics can lead to a range of fufilling and exciting careers. You will find our graduates pursuing a range of careers related to their degree, in areas such as product development, food analysis, research, consumer advice, legislation, food safety and teaching.

Many of our Nutrition/Dietetics graduates work for the NHS, either in clinical dietetics or health promotion, and within the food industry. Others pursue careers in fields as broad as education, research and media. 

Our pioneering Professional Training placement programme gives our students the opportunity to experience a real working environment as an integral part of their degree. We are proud to say that a considerable number of our students are offered work within the company/organisation they completed their Professional Training placement with.


Food, nutition and dietetics graduate jobs

In recent years, our food, nutrition and dietetics graduates have secured roles including:

  • Senior Dietitian, North Bristol NHS Trust (BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, class of 2012)
  • Oncology Dietitian, St James Hospital (BSc Nutrition/Dietetics, class of 2013)
  • Nutritional Consultant, On Your Plate (BSc Nutrition/Dietetics, class of 2014)
  • Oncology Dietitian, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (BSc Nutrition/Dietetics, class of 2011)
  • Community Dietitian, Sirona Care & Health (BSc Nutrition/Dietetics, class of 2015)

"I would highly recommend a Professional Training placement to anyone choosing to study this course as I gained an unparalleled insight into the food industry." - Suan Yean Ong, BSc Nutrition and Food Science

  • Freelance Dietitian (BSc Nutrition/Dietetics, class of 2010)
  • Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist, Aretaieion Hospital (BSc Nutrition, class of 2010)
  • Health and Wellness Coordinator, Epicure (BSc Nutrition and Food Science, class of 2016)
  • Food Development Technologist, Food Innovation Solutions (BSc Nutrition, class of 2014)
  • Food Developer, EAT (BSc Nutrition, class of 2014)


Discover more about our food, nutrition and dietetics degrees, our pioneering Professional Training placement scheme and student life at Surrey.