Surrey Sleep Research Centre

Founded by Professor Derk-Jan Dijk in 2003, the Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC) is home to forward-thinking multidisciplinary approaches to sleep research and offers a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to monitor, record and analyse sleep patterns and sleep disorders. Facilities include 12 individual bedrooms/sleep laboratories and a 12-bed ward with infrared CCTV monitoring.

Learn more about our pioneering sleep research facilities.

Research with real-world impact

Sleep disorders are prevalent, with approximately 10 to 20 per cent of the European and US population reporting frequent sleep disruption. Nevertheless, effective strategies to alleviate sleep complaints and treat sleep disorders are often not available. That’s where Surrey research is making a difference.

Our groundbreaking sleep studies are published in high impact academic journals, and our academics frequently appear on television and feature in national and international newspapers.

Our sleep research covers fascinating areas including:

  • The regulation of human sleep by circadian rhythmicity (our internal body clock)
  • The effects of light on sleep, performance and circadian rhythms
  • Ageing, sleep and cognition
  • The causes, consequences and treatment of circadian rhythm disorders as experienced by shift workers, transmeridian air travellers, blind people and older people
  • The effects of insufficient sleep on cognition, mood and metabolism
  • The effects of mistimed sleep and insufficient sleep on patterns of gene expression
  • The investigation of new medicines to help you sleep (hypnotics) or to stay awake (wake promoting compounds) as counter measures in insomnia, shift work and jet lag.

Read more about Surrey’s latest sleep research, Professor Derk-Jan Dijk and the Sleep, Chronobiology and Addiction Research Group.


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For general sleep enquiries please contact Dr Nayantara Santhi at the Surrey Sleep Research Centre:

For business development enquiries on designing and running clinical studies please contact Surrey Clinical Research Centre business development:

For enquiries on how to participate in a clinical trial please contact Surrey CRC recruitment or register your interest on

For enquiries relating to sleep problems / disorders, in the first instance, we would always recommend that you contact your own GP.

Dr Khan (Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey) has an interest in neurological sleep disorders and works as a Consultant Neurologist at The Royal Surrey County Hospital where she is setting up a sleep disorders clinic. This includes investigating and treating causes of excessive sleepiness, restless legs, unusual behaviours during sleep (such as sleep walking and acting out dreams) and circadian rhythm disorders.  

Currently the sleep clinic does not provide a service for patients with insomnia  

If you wish to be seen in the sleep clinic your GP will need to refer you to:

Dr Sofia Khan
Consultant Neurologist
Royal Surrey County Hospital
Egerton Road
Surrey GU2 7XX

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