We are home to a forward-thinking team of physiologists, molecular biologists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and engineers.

Meet the team

Derk-Jan Dijk profile image

Professor Derk-Jan Dijk

Director Surrey Sleep Research Centre, Professor of Sleep and Physiology, Head of Section, Director of SSRC, UK-DRI group leader

Simon N Archer profile image

Professor Simon Archer

Professor of Molecular Biology of Sleep

Victoria Revell profile image

Dr Victoria Revell

Associate Professor in Translational Sleep and Circadian Physiology

Ullrich Bartsch profile image

Dr Ullrich Bartsch

Lecturer in Sleep and Neurodegeneration

Steven W Lockley profile image

Professor Steven Lockley

Professor, Vice-Chancellor Fellow

Julie Seibt profile image

Dr Julie Seibt

Senior Lecturer in Sleep and Plasticity

Ciro della Monica profile image

Dr Ciro della Monica

Research Fellow

Giuseppe Atzori

Senior Sleep Technologist

Matt Parker profile image

Dr Matthew Parker

Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience

Post-docs and research associates

Kiran K G Ravindran profile image

Dr Kiran Kumar Guruswamy Ravindran

Research Fellow in Sleep Physiology and Dementia

Thalia Rodriguez Garcia profile image

Dr Thalia Rodriguez Garcia

Research Fellow in Mathematical Modelling, Model Data Fusion/Machine Learning

Trevor Smith profile image

Dr Martin Smith

Research Associate

Postgraduate research students

Austin Cooper profile image

Austin Cooper

PhD Student in Circadian Biology

Courtney Hillman profile image

Courtney Hillman

PhD student in Neuropharmacology

Pooja Ram profile image

Pooja Ram

PhD Researcher in Neuroscience

Tobias Raufeisen profile image

Tobias Raufeisen

Postgraduate Research Student

Farahnaz Yazdanpanah Faragheh profile image

Farahnaz Yazdanpanah Faragheh

Postgraduate Research Student


André Gerber profile image

Professor Andre Gerber

Professor of RNA Biology

Natalie Riddell profile image

Dr Natalie Riddell

Senior Lecturer in Immunology and Ageing

Anne Skeldon profile image

Professor Anne Skeldon

Professor of Mathematics

Ines Violante profile image

Dr Ines Violante

Senior Lecturer in Psychological Neuroscience; Postgraduate Research Director Psychology

Kevin Wells profile image

Professor Kevin Wells

Reader in Medical Imaging