A wide range of research facilities enable the opportunity for both short term and long term projects. This may simply involve rental of our in house facilities with accompanying personnel, through to fully commercial research projects, which are delivered as a combination of our in house expertise and unique facilities we own.

Our facilities

Many of these research facilities have been a product of our research projects, where our Institute is a major player in the European 7th Framework IST programme.

Antennas and Signal Processing Lab

The lab develops fundamental research in areas such as antennas, millimetre-wave and internet of things technologies and puts them into practice. An in house anechoic chamber and wideband channel sounder are available for rent with accompanying personnel for carrying out measurements on short term projects.

Future Internet Platform

Provides access to the University’s ‘smart campus’ infrastructure as an innovative playground to both industry and academia partners.

Models and tools

Software modelling tools both at a physical layer as well as at other network layers.

Networks Lab Testbed

For purposes of emulating different computer network topologies.

Satellite Networking Testbed

Comprises state of the art test equipment, modems and antennas integrated with a network simulation capability. Developed in partnership with Rohde and Schwarz.

Wireless Ad-hoc Testbed

The Wireless Ad-hoc Testbed (WAT) consists of three laptops and four Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), interconnecting in various topologies.

Wireless Network Testbed

For researching integration of different wireless network technologies.

Wireless Sensor Network Lab

Is continuously updating its sensor network test platforms.

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