Campus Testbed

The 5G/6G Innovation Centre testbed covers four square kilometres of the Surrey campus and offers 5G infrastructure including 4G and 5G core network, mobile edge computing and access network (such as 4G and 5G radio access network), satellite systems Wi-Fi, and LoRA.


Our campus testbed supports multiple projects in UK and Europe. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are already partnering with us, using the campus testbed to test different aspects of 5G technologies such as 5G applications, cyber security on 5G technology and 5G network slicing.

The testbed has been designed and implemented drawing on the extensive experience of technical experts within the 5GIC as well as industry partners (mobile phone operators, equipment vendors and regulators). It is also open to undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking 5G projects.

    Facilities in detail

    Below is a detailed list of our 5GIC testbed and core network facilities, with their key features.

    4G and 5G multi-radio access network environment coverage​​​​


    • Ultra dense C-RAN of 44 4G-TDD sites & 66 Cells
    • Cell Cluster operated as 1x Macro and 15 x Small Cell site/Cluster
    • eMBB D-RAN of 7 5G-TDD (3.5G) Sites & 9 Cells
    • Cell cluster operated as 1x Macro (2.6GHz-TDD) anchor
    • 4 x Small Cell (3.5 GHz-TDD) site/Cluster
    • URLLC RAN of 1 5G-TDD (3.5G) site and single cell
    • 700 MHz 4G-FDD 1 site
    • Combination of SDR and 60 GHz supported on a drone for popup-network
    • Satellite backhauling
    • 60 GHz backhaul system
    • Integrated 5G RAN systems on UAV.

    Indoor – over two floors

    • C-RAN of 4G-TDD 6 Cells
    • 4G-FDD femtos cells 
    • 6 x Wi-Fi-A.

    Core network

    • Fully containerised cloud native function of Rel-15 4G CUPS core
    • Fully containerised cloud native function of Rel-16 5G core with context aware enabled (made in the UK)
    • Fully containerised MEC.

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    If you have any questions or are interested in using our facilities, please get in touch.

    Dr Suji Gunaratne

    5GIC Test Bed Manager

    Dr Riccardo Pozza

    Chief Network Architect

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