Networks Lab Testbed

The Networks Lab Testbed consists of 6 PCs which are inter-connected with 100Mbps Ethernet cards. All of the PCs are running on Red Hat Linux 7.3. Some of the PCs are running on Celeron Processors at 1GHz with 256 KB of cache and 256MB of RAM. The rest of the PCs are running on Celeron Processors at 466MHz with128 KB of cache and 192MB of RAM.

These PCs act as routers while they can also emulate a number of hosts attach to those routers. They support DiffServ and MPLS and they are also equipped with traffic generators and monitoring facilities (LSP, interface, and node monitoring). A management application running in one of them acts a network-wide configurator and network monitor. A scripting interface is provided to tell edge nodes about LSPs originating from them and their path; these are then set-up using RSVP-TE.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, perhaps in network traffic measurement campaigns or analysis of them, or if you wish to know more about the testbed capabilities, in the first instance please contact: Professor Zhili Sun.

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