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Meet the team

Dean International / Head of International Partnerships

Amelia Hadfield profile image

Professor Amelia Hadfield

Dean International, Head of Department of Politics, Director of the Centre for Britain and Europe (CBE)

Tom Windle profile image

Tom Windle

Head of International Partnerships

Associate Deans (International)

Prashant Kumar profile image

Professor Prashant Kumar

Associate Dean (International) for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Alexander Seal profile image

Dr Alexander Seal

Associate Dean (International) for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Malcolm von Schantz profile image

Professor Malcolm von Schantz

Associate Dean (International) for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Yu Xiong profile image

Professor Yu Xiong

Associate Dean (International) China

International Partnerships team

Zoe Carroll profile image

Zoe Carroll

International Partnerships Manager

Paddi Clark profile image

Paddi Clark

International Partnerships Coordinator

International Mobility team

Elizabeth Lynch profile image

Elizabeth Lynch

International Mobility Manager

Aqila Kaleem profile image

Aqila Kaleem

International Mobility Officer

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Alice Gidman

Student Mobility Coordinator (Outgoing)

Mohamed Ragab profile image

Mohamed Ragab

Student Mobility Coordinator (Outgoing)

Zoe Stevenson profile image

Zoe Stevenson

Student Mobility Coordinator (Incoming)

Emily Bushnell profile image

Emily Bushnell

Student Mobility Assistant