Older people living with severe frailty are nearing the end of life and yet their palliative care needs are often either unknown or unmet. The PALLUP study aims to improve the support provided to older people living at home and their carers; to enable the best possible quality of life in their final years.

Living with advancing frailty: Educational film

This film brings together the thoughts and experiences of ten older people with severe frailty and four family members and friends on what and who they feel is most important to them in living their lives well. We have grouped their responses into categories of need - identifying those elements that these older people have described as supporting their personhood, kinship and comfort.

This film was made during Covid-19 using an innovative method of recorded Zoom interviews; participants were supported in person throughout the process by their clinician. We thank each person for their willingness to share their lives at a time of great challenge.

The film has been edited to serve as an educational resource and you can access the film for this purpose by completing our submission form. There are two versions available:

  1. Full version (17 minutes long)
  2. Edited version (5 minutes long)

We’re keen to track the impact of this film and we would be grateful if you would allow us to contact you via email at a later date to ask you how you have been using the film and how it has informed your practice. If you are happy to do this, please select this option in the submission form.

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