Multiscale Analysis of Thermomechanical Behaviour of Granular Materials

MATHEGRAM is a H2020 MARIE Skłodowska-CURIE Innovative Training Network (ITN) coordinated by the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering here at Surrey.

Our consortium are going to be finding out how granular materials behave through 15 projects being carried out by a cohort of early stage researchers.

Who we are

There are 15 partners who are part of this consortium and each of them are running a project to help understand granular materials behaviour.

What we are doing

We are a multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral consortium consisting of 10 leading academic and non-academic beneficiaries from six EU countries using our expertise to address the experimental and modelling challenges in analysing thermomechanical behaviour of granular materials.

Applications wanted

A new project is available in science of the sintering of granular materials, which will take place at the Glass Surface and Interfaces lab in the RD research center of Saint-Gobain Research Paris, Aubervilliers, France.

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