New device concepts for uniformity and energy efficiency

The Source-Gated Transistor (SGT) is a type of electronic device invented at the University of Surrey.



Due to its mode of operation, the SGT has several advantages over conventional transistors, particularly in low-power, mixed-signal (analogue/digital) applications which are very cost-sensitive. We are investigating the implementation of the SGT using new materials and fabrication techniques such as inkjet printing, which would enable large-area electronic circuits to be realised with improved performance, lower energy demands and reduced cost.


Radu A. Sporea  Kham M. Niang  Andrew J. Flewitt  S. Ravi P. Silva, "Novel Tunnel‐Contact‐Controlled IGZO Thin‐Film Transistors with High Tolerance to Geometrical Variability", Advanced Materials, 31 (36), 1902551, 2019.

R. A. Sporea, M. J. Trainor, N. D. Young, J. M. Shannon, S. R. P. Silva, “Intrinsic Gain in Self-Aligned Polysilicon Source-Gated Transistors”, IEEE Trans. Electron.  Devices, vol. 57, iss. 10, 2010.

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