Power-efficient transistors for large area electronic circuits

Future large area electronic systems such as wearable, fully printed, and flexible applications require innovations in materials, device design and fabrication processes.

SGT prober

Dr Radu Sporea held the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Academic Research Fellowship (2011-2016). The project covered several aspects of future large-area electronic device and circuit design, including:

  • New transistor architectures for improved energy efficiency
  • Strategies for reducing performance variations due to processing variability
  • Reliability improvements for thin-film transistors
  • Sub-micron super-resolution printing of electrode gaps for transistors and sensors
  • Exploitation of material properties for optimal device operation, e.g. field-dependent mobility
  • Modelling of device-circuit interaction, contact effects and fundamental behaviour of semiconductor devices
  • Circuit block design optimised for application.
  • Compact modelling and development of design toolkit for unipolar logic circuits


  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  • University of Tours, France
  • Cambridge University, U.K.

Selected publications

Dahiya A. S, Sporea Radu, Poulin-Vittrant G., Alquier D. (2019) Stability evaluation of ZnO nanosheet based source-gated transistors, Scientific Reports 9 (1)

R. A. Sporea, T. Burridge & S. R. P. Silva “Self-Heating Effects In Polysilicon Source Gated Transistors”, Scientific Reports 5,14058 (2015).

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R. A. Sporea, M. J. Trainor, N. D. Young, J. M. Shannon & S. R. P. Silva, “Source-gated transistors for order-of-magnitude performance improvements in thin-film digital circuits
”, Scientific Reports 4, 4295 (2014).

Sporea, R.A.; Alshammari, A.S. ; Georgakopoulos, S. ; Underwood, J. ; Shkunov, M. ; Silva, S.R.P. , “Micron-scale inkjet-assisted digital lithography for large-area flexible electronics”, Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC), 2013 Proceedings of the European, 280 – 283, (2013).

Shannon, J.M.; Sporea, R.A.; Georgakopoulos, S.; Shkunov, M.; Silva, S.R.P., "Low-Field Behavior of Source-Gated Transistors," in Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on , vol.60, no.8, pp.2444-2449, Aug. 2013

Opoku, C., Chen, L., Meyer, F. & Shkunov, M. “Solution Processable Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors”. MRS Online Proceedings Library 1287, (2011).

X. Guo et al., "High Performance Transistors in Low Mobility Organic Semiconductors for Analog and High-Frequency Applications," in Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference and Exhibition, 2008 , vol., no., pp.1-5, 21-24 Jan. 2008.

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