Published: 27 November 2018

Countdown to your application

Surrey has over 1,000 postgraduate researchers working on a range of projects from over 170 research areas, so we aim to keep the application process as straightforward and efficient as possible.

An aerial view of the Stag Hill campus at Surrey

10. Am I sure?

Ask yourself if a doctorate is really what you want to do. It’s a big commitment and requires stamina, but it could lead to a wealth of careers and opportunities. Check our PhD programme pages to make sure you meet the academic requirements.

9. What do I want to research?

Think about what topics really interest you. Enthusiasm for a subject is really important, even if it challenges you. Pushing boundaries will open your mind to new possibilities.

8. Who will help me?

You will need a supervisor to guide you through your doctoral studies. This will be someone who has an interest in your chosen area. Contact that staff member and have a chat – are they interested and able to supervise your studies?

7. Do I need a research proposal?

If you are applying for a science subject, you will usually make an application within a particular area and you won’t need to write one. For social sciences, arts and humanities subjects, you usually do need to write a research proposal, identifying your research interest and making a case for it.

6. What will it be like?

Once you’ve considered your area of research and found a potential supervisor, it might be worth talking to current PhD students to get the lowdown - what’s it really like? Our webinars give you the opportunity to chat with staff and current students.

5. Visiting Surrey

We host postgraduate open afternoons where you can visit the campus and engage with our academics and current students. There are also representatives from various student services departments – such as career developing and funding – available to answer your questions.

4. Can I afford it?

There are a number of ways you can finance your doctoral studies, including studentships. The application process is different depending on the research area and studentship.

3. Making my application

You can apply online and you will be asked to upload your supporting documentation. This might include copies of your degree certificates and transcripts. You will also need two referees and details of how you are going to fund your studies.

2. Waiting for my offer

It can vary how long it takes to receive a decision. Delays usually occur when applications aren’t filled in completely or funding isn’t in place. You can always contact the Admissions team for an update on your application.

1. Accept my offer

You’ve been made an offer and now you can accept it. You’re now firmly on the way to transforming your life and the world around you.

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