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Published: 09 July 2018

Surrey to showcase world’s first single ion beam implanter

The University of Surrey is set to unveil the world’s first single ion implanter, which will allow it to start producing high-quality quantum devices at a faster rate than ever before.


The University’s Ion Beam Centre will be showing off its new-state-of-the-art machine at an international conference on 10 July 2018 with delegates from as far away as China, Japan Australia, Brazil and the USA set to attend.

The Single Ion Implanter (SIMPLE) will allow scientists at Surrey and across the UK to place atoms within 20 nano-metres of each other, with high precision and a fast production rate. It’s hoped that the new device will give researchers, PhD students and staff at the Ion Beam Centre the ability to produce devices such as solid-state quantum chips.

The purchase of the £1million SIMPLE machine was made possible thanks to a grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to support quantum technologies.

SIMPLE was manufactured to the Ion Beam Centre’s specification by Ionoptika, ion beam technology specialists from Southampton.

Professor Roger Webb, Director of the Ion Beam Centre at the University of Surrey, said: “The Single Ion Implanter presents an exciting opportunity for students, researchers and staff at the University and beyond to use a truly unique machine that will take our work to the next level. We have great minds across the UK who are leading voices in the international quantum science debate and this new machine provides evidence of how serious Surrey is about engineering quantum devices that could make a real impact on the world of science in the near future.”

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