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Professor Chris Fry

+44 (0)1483 688505
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Previous positions

1995-2008 Professor of Cell Physiology, Institute of Urology, University College London

1994-1995 Reader in Cell Physiology, Institute of Urology & Nephrology, University College London.

1991-1993 Reader in Cell Physiology, Division of Physiology, UMDS, University of London.

Vice-chairman, Division of Physiology, UMDS, London University

1987-1991 Senior Lecturer in Physiology, UMDS, London University

1979-1987 Lecturer in Physiology. St Thomas' Hospital Medical School (later UMDS), London University.

1978-1979 British Heart Foundation Lecturer in Cardiac Physiology. Cardiothoracic Institute, London.

1977-1978 Research Assistant. Cardiothoracic Institute, London.

1976-1977 Teaching Assistant. Physiologisches Institüt, University of Bern, Switzerland.

1975-1976 Royal Society Fellow. Physiologisches Institüt, University of Bern, Switzerland.

Research interests

Smooth and cardiac muscle biophysics and excitation-contraction coupling.

Research collaborations

Dr T Kanai, Dept Medicine, University of Pittsburgh

Dr L Birder, Dept Medicine, University of Pittsburgh

Prof M Drake, Bristol Urological Institute


Physiology, all aspects to BMS 1032, BMS 2038

MSc Pharmaceutical Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology, biostatistics

MSc Nutritional Medicine; electrolyte regulation

Departmental duties

PG advisor MD students

Cardiovascular CAG university representative

Cardiovascular & Cancer research group pleader


Physiological Society

American Physiological Society

International Continence Society

British Society for Cardiovascular Research

Additional Information


Ministry of Defence: Member, Research Ethics Committee

The Royal College of Surgeons of England: Member, Court of Examiners

External reviewer: Cambridge University; Physiology, Developmental Sciences and Neurosciences programmes

External examiner (MB BS, BSc Biomedical Sciences) St George's, University of London

My publications


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