Dr Jashim Khan

Director - International Business Management
BBA (Marketing), MBA (Marketing), PG Dip Bus Admin (Marketing), Grad Dip TT (L &T), MMgt (Distinction in Marketing), PhD (Business-Marketing), FHEA


Areas of specialism

Marketing sustainability (living, spending and environment), m-learning, online information credibility

University roles and responsibilities

  • Director SII- Centre for Collaborative Research (SII-CFCR)
  • Convenor - Leadership, Entrepreunership, Ability Development (LEAD) in SII-DUFE
  • Member, SII L & T Committee

    Affiliations and memberships

    Member, Association for Consumer Research
    Member, Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy
    Member, British Academy of Management
    Member (scientific committee) International Conference on Management & Entrepreneurship
    Editorial Board Member, Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship
    New Zealand Inland Revenue
    Journal of Business Research
    Journal of Economic Psychology (JOEP)
    Management Decision
    Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
    Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) –Adhoc Reviewer
    Australia New Zealand Marketing Association Conference (ANZMAC)
    Australia New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM)
    Association for Consumer Research (ACR)
    Business and Economic Research
    AIUB Journal of Business and Economics

    Business, industry and community links

    Leadership Entrepreneurship Ability Development (LEAD)
    - Accenture, Cisco, Wipro, Dalian Travel and Tourism Bureau, Baidu.com, and IBM – SII, DUFE China.
    Research collaboration with Plunket Organisation New Zealand
    Joint Efforts and Industry Cooperation, Project Manager- Research & Development, Sustainable Cities Trust, Christchurch
    Trust investments, Auckland New Zealand
    Country Research Analyst (2006, 2007, 2008)-: Euromonitor International
    Research Mentor: Zero-credit Ltd, DERBYSHIRE, UK


    In the media

    Cash puts brakes on spending: spenders card users not so cautious -Sunday Star Times
    Featured Article
    Sunday Star Times, New Zealand
    Sustainable Spending  
    Featured Article
    Sustaianble Spending - Zero-credit Ltd, DERBYSHIRE, UK
    Want to save money these holidays? Pay with cash
    Featured Article
    AUT University - News


    Research interests

    Research collaborations

    • Teaching and Innovation fund (£800) from School of Hospitality and Tourism, University of Surrey with Dr Gumeta, H (Surrey International Institute) & Anninou, I. (Surrey Business School, UoS).
    • Received GBP 10,000 to establish Centre for Collaborative Research, Surrey International Institute in 2015
    • Massey University Research Fund NZ $5000 to investigate ‘Modes of Harm in Reality
    • Television Programming’ in 2005. Grant shared with Emma Dresler-Hawke, Massey University.
    • Massey University Technical Assistance Award NZ $6000 to investigate ‘Attraction and Ethics of Reality Television Programming’ in 2005. Grant shared with Emma Dresler-Hawke, Massey University.
    • Lottery Minister’s Discretionary Fund, Ministry of Internal Affairs, New Zealand to assist travel expenses and attend INFORMS conference in USA NZ $3,330 in 2006. AUT Laptop scholarship - Auckland University of Technology 2008.
    • Vice Chancellors- Business Graduate Scholarship/Assistantship of $25,000 per annum to assist PhD study from Auckland University of Technology, 2007 to 2011.
    • Summer Research Award for the amount of NZ $6000 to assist data collection for final stage of PhD study.




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