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Dr Michele Brocard

Research Fellow in Virology

Academic and research departments

School of Biosciences and Medicine.

My publications


Brocard Michele, Ruggieri Alessia, Locker Nicolas (2017) m6A RNA methylation, a new hallmark in virus-host interactions, Journal of General Virology 98 pp. 2207-2214 Microbiology Society
The role of m6A methylation of RNA has remained elusive for decades, however recent technological advances are now allowing the mapping of the m6A methylation landscape at nucleotide level. This has spurred an explosion in our understanding of the role played by RNA epigenetics in RNA biology. m6A modifications have been tied to almost every aspects of the mRNA life cycle and it is now clear that RNA virus genomes are subject to m6A methylation. These modifications play various roles in the viral replication cycle. This review will summarize recent breakthroughs concerning m6A RNA modification and their implications for cellular and viral RNAs.