Dr Robyn Muir

Lecturer in Media and Communications
PhD, BA (Hons), FHEA
22 AD 03
Tuesdays 13:00 – 15:00 (22AD03)


Areas of specialism

Disney Princesses; Feminist Media Studies; Facet Methodology; Disney; Media and Audiences; Media Literacy; Feminism; Gender

University roles and responsibilities

  • Academic Integrity Officer
  • Member of the Department of Sociology Athena Swan Committee

    My qualifications

    University of Nottingham
    BA (Hons) Politics
    University of Nottingham


    Research interests

    Research projects


    Postgraduate research supervision



    Muir, R. (2023) The Princess as the Political: A Feminist Analysis of the Disney Princess Phenomenon Bristol: Bristol University Press (forthcoming)
    Muir, R. (2022) ‘Into the Unknown’: Using facet methodology to explore the Disney Princess Phenomenon
    The Disney Princesses are 18 royal characters featured in Disney and Pixar animated films, merchandise, marketing, and consumer experiences, marketed towards young consumers. Whilst much research has focussed on the representation of gender in Disney Princess films, there has been little focus on the rest of princess culture. This article argues that to understand the Disney Princess Phenomenon in its entirety, a new methodology must be introduced to the field. The article introduces Mason’s facet methodology as a methodological innovation to the fields of Disney and feminist media studies. A creative and innovative approach that allows researchers to ‘play’ with different methods to explore cultural phenomenon. Facet methodology imagines the selected phenomenon as a gemstone, where each ‘element’ or ‘part’ of the phenomenon is a facet of the overall gem. By using different methods to explore each facet, researchers can use findings to refract and reflect ‘light’ on each of the different elements of the phenomenon, demonstrating its entwined nature. The paper firstly outlines Jennifer Mason’s facet methodology. Secondly, it introduces the facets identified in the Disney Princess Phenomenon: films, merchandising and marketing, and consumer experiences. The article then focuses on how facet methodology enabled a creative and holistic approach to studying each facet of the princess phenomenon through a variety of research methods: textual analysis, interviews, content analysis, and autoethnography. The paper then reflects on the approach of facet methodology for research on the Disney Princess Phenomenon and in feminist media studies and media and communication, arguing that facet methodology provides researchers with insights to phenomena we would otherwise not uncover due to its holistic approach.
    Muir, R., Frasl, B., Lauder, C. and Schreiber-Byers, E. (eds) (2022) Evil Women: Through Literature, Culture and Film Leiden: Brill Publishing