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Dr Shidrokh Goudarzi

Research Fellow

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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Intensity Particle Flow (IPF) SMC-PHD has been proposed recently for multi-target tracking. In this paper, we extend IPF-SMC-PHD filter to distributed setting, and develop a novel consensus method for fusing the estimates from individual sensors, based on Arithmetic Average (AA) fusion. Different from conventional AA method which may be degraded when unreliable estimates are presented, we develop a novel arithmetic consensus method to fuse estimates from each individual IPF-SMC-PHD filter with partial consensus. The proposed method contains a scheme for evaluating the reliability of the sensor nodes and preventing unreliable sensor information to be used in fusion and communication in sensor network, which help improve fusion accuracy and reduce sensor communication costs. Numerical simulations are performed to demonstrate the advantages of the proposed algorithm over the uncooperative IPF-SMC-PHD and distributed particle-PHD with AA fusion.