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Alqurashi Khaled, Kelly James R., Wang Zhengpeng, Crean Carol, Mittra Raj, Khalily Mohsen, Gao Yue (2020) Liquid Metal Bandwidth-Reconfigurable Antenna, IEEE ANTENNAS AND WIRELESS PROPAGATION LETTERS 19 (1) pp. 218-222 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
This letter shows how slugs of liquid metal can be used to connect/disconnect large areas of metalization and achieve a radiation performance not possible by using conventional switches. The proposed antenna can switch its operating bandwidth between ultrawideband and narrowband by connecting/disconnecting the ground plane for the feedline from that of the radiator. This could be achieved by using conventional semiconductor switches. However, such switches provide point-like contacts. Consequently, there are gaps in electrical contact between the switches. Surface currents, flowing around these gaps, lead to significant back radiation. In this letter, the slugs of a liquid metal are used to completely fill the gaps. This significantly reduces the back radiation, increases the bore-sight gain, and produces a pattern identical to that of a conventional microstrip patch antenna. Specifically, the realized gain and total efficiency are increased by 2 dBi and 24%, respectively. The antenna has potential applications in wireless systems employing cognitive radio (CR) and spectrum aggregation.

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