Working with external partners

Working with professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs)

A large number of programmes are required to or choose to gain accreditation from a PSRB. The requirements of such bodies play an important part in curriculum design and the ongoing delivery of programmes. Where feasible the reporting requirements of PSRBs and those of the University are aligned. There may be occasions when the requirements of a PSRB do not match with the requirements of the University regulations. Such cases will be considered on their individual merits at validation and periodic review and a case made to Senate to allow exemption from the relevant University regulation(s).

Collaborative partners

The University works with a range of collaborative partners which enriches the University offering and enhances employability. Such collaborations include dual degrees, validated provision at Associated and Accredited Institutions, placements, student exchanges, collaborative research degree programmes and supervision. The Code of practice for the approval and management of collaborative provision sets out how such partnerships operate and the Code of practice for Professional Training covers the Professional Training placements.

QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education is a key reference point for UK higher education, protecting the public and student interest, and championing UK higher education's world-leading reputation for quality. It enables providers to understand what is expected of them and what to expect from each other.